12 Simple Tips How to Best Packing Your Travel Bags

I am a master in bag packing, especially for travel bags. I’ve learned to be so due to lots of traveling I’ve done for pleasure and for work over the years. Everything you’ll read in this article are lessons learned from trips with problems. It works similar to road signs. Each of them represents something that went wrong in the past.

As you’re getting ready, dear friends, to leave for year-end holidays, I thought to help you with some practical tips on how to better pack your bags.

Universal Rules of Travelling

Here are common rules to consider before traveling:

  1. Only take things you really need with you (never forget money & passport).
  2. Take a few bags as possible when on the trip.
  3. Suitcases are the best fit for clothes and personal items.
  4. Use one suitcase/bag per person.
  5. Each bag should be filled completely during packing.

Should you follow all the 5 rules correctly, you’ll be able to have a nice travel, without important absences.

Practical Tips for Packing Your Bags

As I mentioned before, I am considered a master in packing by everyone. This known ability sometimes works against me. I have to pack most of the bags when my family goes on trip. However, this is a helpful skill everyone should know.

Here I go with the tips and little tricks about packing:

Pack your Clothes at the Same Size.

The size of your clothes should fit the empty size of your bag. Make sure to plan ahead what is the space available for clothes only. Then, fold all your clothes fitting that particular size. The thinner the folded clothes, better is the space usage. Push down the clothes in the suitcase to let the air out.

The placement of the clothes should be based on the way they will be used. Place at the bottom the less delicate clothes and which will be used later. Place upper in the clothes stack the ones that will be used sooner and the more delicate ones.

How to better place Shoes & Accessories

Shoes are not very comfortable to be placed in the bag. Do not over-take shoes with you. Clean them well before packing. Make sure to tie them with a small rope, in order to fix their position within the bag. Place shoes in their dedicated small bag, and then at the bottom of the suitcase on the side. The same applies to waistbands, hairdryer and any other small equipment you need to have with you.

Keep Socks and Underwear Separated

Socks and underwear should be wrapped separately and placed at the bottom of the bag on the side. Ladies, carefully fill your bra with other underwear to maintain perfect shape.

Personal Toiletries

The best thing to do is to purchase a toilet bag for all your personal toiletries stuff. Place the toiletries bag on top of the bag on the side. They should be one of the first things you can access when open the suitcase. Make sure to tighten every liquid bottle you have on the toiletry bag.

Suits and other Nice (delicate) Clothes

When traveling for work, you must have with your suits and other clothes that should be ironed. Put them in their dedicated bags. Carefully place suits on the upper part of the suitcase. Make sure to tighten them up with the suitcase’s belts. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, immediately hang them in the closet. This way you should not bother to iron them again.

‘Smuggling’ of Bottles and other …

In my place, people like to buy homemade bio stuff (raw honey, olive oil, homemade brandy, etc.) These are difficult to get through customs as they have not certifications. My advice is to take them in plastic bottles when possible. Wrap them well with plastic wrap and place them right in the middle of clothes. The softness of clothes with amortize any incident during the travel. Attention! Do not use this practical tip to transport illegal and dangerous substances.

Packing Cubes

These are an excellent way to organize the travel bag. But, they do not work well when you have enough stuff to completely fill your suitcase. In this case, you may use one or two packing cubes to partly organize the bag.

Use Pockets of the Suitcase

For any other small item that does not fit with the above categories, use the suitcase’s pockets. Just, make sure not to be fragile stuff as they could be damaged.

Keep most Important Stuff in your Handbag

Never leave important stuff in your suitcase. Always keep your passport, ticket, documents, bank cards, cellphone, tablet, laptop, and money in your handbag. Remember to respect airport rules to not keep liquids at your handbag. In case you’ll travel a long flight, take a bigger handbag and place there necessary unmentionables for the trip.


Departure for vacation is good, as clothes in the bag are clean. But, unless you’re like my mom who washes clothes during holidays; there will be many dirty clothes on the way back. This is the reason you need to take with you: Laundry pouches.

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Fragile Stuff

Fragile stuff requires very good wrapping. Use carton boxes, wrapping paper and everything you believe could improve the wrapping. In cases you use boxes, it is recommended to fill the empty parts with soft things (clothes, cotton, wool, etc.) Put fragile stuff in the middle part of the suitcase, away from the sides of the suitcase. This is the only way to protect them from travel incidents. The other thing to do is to keep them in your travel handbag.

Kids’ Bags

Organize children’s stuff in a separated bag. Normally, children need less space for clothes and more space for toys, games, etc. The packing rules stay the same. Place clothes in the same place and other stuff on the other side of the bag. Try to get food in a dedicated bag.

These were my tips for bag packing, my dear friends. I hope you’ll find them helpful for your trips. Let me know if you have any questions. And feel free to add any other tip you use when packing your bags.

We wish you to have Fantastic HOLIDAYS!

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