Why the World is judging Prince Harry & Megan

Prince Harry and his wife Megan are in the center of discussions of people around the world. Everyone is worried due to their decision to abdicate from their role as royal family members. I’ve heard so many prejudicial comments about their decision. And, so I thought to share some thoughts about this issue too. At the end of the day, why shouldn’t I join the rest of the world😀?

When I hear the story of Prince Harry, it reminds me of his mother, Princess Dajana. Like her, he rebelled and contradicted for years the rigid rules of the British Royal Family. Several years ago, he wanted to abandon his royal position. And, as soon as everybody thought he changed his mind, Oops he did it again!

Harry’s choices have contradicted family rules and will almost all the time. He introduced unusual situations in the family, and so far they’ve shown patience with him. At least at public eyes. But, the recent developments have put the royal family on the spot. This time, they need to react really strong to show their determined standing.

But, why People judge the ex-Royal Couple?

In fact, I should say the ex-royal family. Harry & Megan are blessed with a little angel, Archie. They did nothing more than what most people do today: Left family home to live their own independent life. How many people each of us know have done the same? People coming from either rich or poor families decide to stand apart and build a new family unit. Why don’t we judge them? Probably because we see members of family members as characters of a fairytale. And, once one of them gets out of the picture, our fairytale is damaged. And, we are ready to blame that person for that damage. So, people judge Harry & Megan due to their own need to dream.

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Another reason people judge Prince Harry & Megan is because they like people’s attention, and have allowed their lives to be public. And this has a price to pay for. As soon as you make the public a permanent presence in your life, you should accept their judgment too.

Most people judge the ex-royal couple because they cannot understand why they should complain at all. They have those things that most people in the world dream about. Fame, richness, prosperity, attention, etc. But, people do not understand the value of some things most people have, and that royal family members miss. I’m talking about things like personal freedom, owning your agenda, financial independence, being self, setting own rules to raise your baby, etc. Royal life asks for strict rules and duties to be followed. I’m sure most people would not be satisfied to live in that way.

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Some more thoughts on this

I consider Harry’s responsibility for the situation quite different from Megan’s ones. At the end of the day, Harry was born royal and he is the one who is quitting from his original family. And as people say: “Family remains always family”. I think he is hurrying too much to make such a “sharp” separation with his own family. But, as he said in his last statement, he loves his country and his family, and will always stick to them.

On the other side, we have Megan, the American lady. Rightly so, she wants to live her life freely as she has always done before. But, she wants to do it with huge added credit to her fame. Today, she is probably the most known women on earth. Her influence is so big, that she can transform many things in this consuming world. And, that means money and increased influence. The only thing she should be blamed for is the way she used the royal family to get such public attention. Normally, it is not good to do such a thing to family. As the family is very precious and something you could not buy online or at the market.

I was thinking today about the fate of the little Archie. What could be his future? Is he going to be royal or not? Is his parents’ decision going to confuse him about his identity? As parents, Harry and Megan should seriously think about this. Shouldn’t they show special attention to this aspect, one day they might find themselves regretting their exit decision.

This is a to be continued story. We all shall wait to see how their story goes. Meanwhile, we wish them all the best and good luck with their new existence as ex-royal family members. I’m curious to know what will be their new identity as an independent family.

A Final Thought

Yes, dear friends, these were my thoughts about the most discussed event of the moment. Most people do everything to become famous. Some people want to stop being so famous. And, there is the other category of people, who become famous and die due to the pressure of being so. Remember the words of Amy Winehouse “I would have exchanged all my fame and success in art with an anonymous walking in the street”. That’s why life on earth remains interesting and worth living until the end. Cheers!

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