Injuries from Mobiles – How to Prevent Them

Injuries from mobiles 📱 are extending in variety and number. This makes perfect sense due to the increased usage of mobile phones after Steve Jobs transformed it in a “one-stop-shop” for almost any need for information and communication.

My Accident with my Mobile

Several years ago I had an accident caused by my mobile. I was getting out of an important meeting, where I closed a good deal. On the way out I switched on my mobile and was checking missed calls. Suddenly I found myself “flying” from the stairs and fell at the end of the stairs. My left foot had changed position as my ankle came out of normal position.

I don’t know how I found the courage to immediately put my ankle back in its normal position. You can imagine the time needed for the foot to be recovered. And, my agenda messed up due to this accident. Since that day, I never use my phone when I’m on the stairs.

But, I’m only one out of the hundreds thousand cases of injuries caused by mobile usage. You know the feeling of walking down the street reading something very interesting on Facebook. Anything could happen during those moments:

  1. You could crash on a busy person
  2. Crashing with a tree, wrongly placed on your path🤪
  3. You could hit the angle of a building
  4. Or even worse, you could unwittingly end up on the cars’ road and get hit by a car.

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But, these are not the only cases we could be hurt by our mobile. Many people have stupid vicious to use their mobile while driving. And, not only they make phone calls, which can distract them from careful driving. They read or exchange texts while driving. In my country car accidents from mobile distractions are ranked number 2 reasons for car accidents.

And the third most possible situation when we can get hurt by our mobile is within buildings (house, office, malls, etc.). All these are places where we spend many hours during the day. The distraction from mobile usage makes us vulnerable in front of many accidents. I know we here advise like: make your phone calls while standing or walking. But, what should be taken without saying is to make sure we walk in a safe environment. And, as I told before, never use your phones while taking the stairs. They are dangerous environments and require full attention.

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Types of Registered Injuries from Mobiles’ Usage

But, what is the typically registered damages caused by mobile usage? Statistics in the US show that head damages and neck damages are the most common accidents. Bruising, head bumping and neck injuries. Other injuries in the body, arms, and legs (like my case) happen too. But, unfortunately, there are cases when people had permanent damages and even died due to accidents caused by mobile usage.

Be careful dear friends! Nor text message, nor game on Facebook, nor video on YouTube is more important than your health. Proper and safe use of mobile phones is another topic to educate ourselves and our children. Make sure to practice it yourself first and serve as a role model for the children as well.

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Read more articles in Category HEALTH.

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