Corona-virus cancels Celebrations for Chinese New Year

The whole world is holding the breath about news coming for China. Corona-virus pneumonia, the new Chinese SARS, has registered several victims at the affected areas. More than 6 cities at the area of Wuhan are quarantined. The witnesses in the infected areas speak for a terrible situation and the fear among people there.

At first the virus that was transmitted first from animals to humans. Now it is spreading out easily from human-to-human. Numbers are not clear yet, but media speak for:

  • 81 dead people from corona-virus in China
  • 3,000 people infected in China
  • 5,700 people suspected for infection in China
  • 56 people healed successfully
  • Around 60 million people in quarantine in China
  • At least 13 infected people are diagnosed in: Australia (3), Europe (2), and North America (8).

Situation in China

Definitely, the worse situation is in China. And, life there is not the same these days. The fear from corona-virus is so big that according to CNN almost all big cities in China have cancelled celebrations for Lunar New Year. Commonly known as Chinese New Year, this is one of the biggest touristic and traditional events in China. Lots of Festivals dedicated to Lunar New Year are cancelled this year. Other activities as well.

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Hong Kong City has cancelled the Hong Kong Marathon. The marathon was planned to be held during the second week of February 2020. More than 70,000 runners confirmed to participate in this marathon have to change their plans. Organizers of marathon have said that they will be refunded.

Life in Other continents have not been impacting so much till now. But, the fact that we have infected people in 3 other continents has put every countries in alert. People feel threaten and are cancelling travel plans to Asia. Medical authorities are applying extra measures for training of medical staff to immediately recognize cases infected with corona-virus.

However, we are all hoping to hear soon the good news that scientists in China have finalized the vaccine for corona-virus. And, that such protection is offered to people around the world.

Corona-virus is the new anxiety of the world. It is an ugly scar since the beginning of year 2020. Let’s pray dear friends that this terrible virus will be over-passed soon. Even-though the news coming from China are not good at all.

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