Coronavirus a Global Emergency as declared by WHO

As forecasted by many people in media, World Health Organization declared Coronavirus to be a Global Emergency. The news is confirmed by BBC right now.

Why a global emergency?

The CEO of WHO explained that the status change was made due to the spreading of the virus outside China. WHO considers China health system to be at the standard to handle the situation within China. Their worries rested with other countries with weaker health systems, unable to face the virus consequences.

Reactions to Coronavirus Situation

The global emergency status received various reactions.

Many people think this was a predicted scenario, mainly based on business deals for the virus vaccine.

Other people believe the coronavirus infection comes as consequence of a Chinese biological weapon, with which something went wrong.

Many people are unhappy why the virus was allowed to be spread outside China. They believe quarantine measures were not adequate with the seriousness of the virus.

The fans of conspiracy scenarios, say that the Chinese Government should be blamed for hiding the reality about coronavirus. A news has been spread today that first cases were detected almost 4 months before.

However, we should wait to further understand what does it mean in real terms the global emergency status for coronavirus.

Updated Facts about Coronavirus

  • 170 dead people (all in China)
  • Almost 10,000 infected people
  • 130 infected people fully healed
  • Virus detected in all continents

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