Tinder Dates are more Secured From Now and On

The famous online dating application, Tinder, has made some changes to add more security to its clients (7.86 million users). The change has not to do with the data of users. Rather the application is trying to secure the dates organized through it. This is considered a step further in customer service levels offered by the Tinder.

What is the New Change?

After the London case, when one of the dates organised through Tinder went wrong, was decided to add a new button to the application. It is called the “Panic Button” and is supposed to be used if a date gets weird. The only additional work the users should do is to add the address of the date before hand.

The function of the Panic Button is similar to calling 991. Whenever the panic button is pushed, there is staff within Tinder who start to take care of the panic call. They send you two messages to your Tinder profile asking for confirmation of the threat. And, if the user does confirm that he/she is in a difficult situation, than the police is alarmed to get to the date place. In case the user does not answers to messages, than a phone call is made. In this case even if the user does not answer, the application makes the phone call to the police with the exact address of dating place.

An interesting change indeed dear friends. I’m impressed with the pro-activity of the application owners. This initiative to extend dating services further is to be applauded. It shows proper care and attention for its clients. At the same time is appropriate adaptation of the services to the existing situation of the dating world. That’s why Tinder is most preferred online dating platform in USA especially for young people (up to 34 years old).

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How will this Change impact Tinder Users

As a user of Tinder, I believe this is a positive change. It is quite reassuring to know that someone is ‘watching’ my blind date to protect me.

On the other side, this is a strong message against people that use the application with bad intentions. They could be captured in flagrance should they dare to attack their date. I’m sure such people will think twice before daring to missuses other people trust.

Regarding the privacy issue raised for the address of the date place, I think this has only positive impacts. Almost all places where people meet for the first time are public places. So, no privacy issues here. On the other side, the panic button is used even if something is wrong with the place itself. I think Tinder should create a database with name of repeated places where dates go wrong. Then, they should offer this list for users’ consideration before deciding to go on a date. And, this is another value added service for security of Tinder users.

I hope people will use this new feature wisely, and not as a joke. Nowadays physical and psychological security are serious issues and require serious attention. So dear Tinder users, make sure to use the panic button only when you need it. This way, you’ll help the company to properly follow real cases of bad dates.

What do you think about this new feature of Tinder application? Does it make sense to you dear friends? Let’s discuss together at the comment box.

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