The Beautiful Love of a Brother for his Sick Sister

“What would you do if your sister get sick?” I’ve always been afraid of this question. Not because I would not do anything for my sister. But, because I do not want my sister to be ill. But life can be harsh sometimes.

The Story of Siblings from Texas

What if you’re 16 and your little sister get really sick? What would you do? I read the answer of these questions on CNN. They wrote about a beautiful story of a brother and his sick sister. I’m sure you’re wondering what can be beautiful in a story of a sick kid. Allow me to share in short their story.

Johnson and Maggie used to be students respectively in Poth high school and Poth Elementary school. Some time ago Maggie felt bad while in school and was sent to the hospital. Physicians found out that she had a very rare autoimmune disease (Wegener disease) which is damaging her kidneys. Maggie was immediately hospitalized and started chemo therapy treatment. Maggie’s beautiful red hair has started to be damaged from the treatment and this situation pushed her brother to take an important decision.

He decided to raise his hair long in order to make a wig for his sister. Till now everything seems normal. Who would not do such a thing for the little sick sister? But, Johnson was faced with some barriers to maintain his decision. School’s rules does not allow guys to have long hair. So by the end of the year he had choose to either keep his promise or to leave his school.

He decided to home schooling temporary until he completes his decision. His parent supported their son in his initiative too.

Some Things we can take out from Johnson’s Story

I admire Johnson for his pure love for his sister. A teenager at his age, finds it difficult to cope with such situation. The terrible feeling of not being able to help your dear sister, that is suffering in a hospital bed, is devastating. So, his decision to do something helpful for his sister is admirable.

Another thing I like too, is the adult behavior he showed when facing issues with school. Even Maggie herself kept saying him not to leave school for her. But, Johnson had made up his mind and wanted to go till the end with his decision. This is a great example of responsibility and maturity for a guy at age 16.

I was surprised with his parents’ behavior as well. Personally, I’m not sure if I would allow one of my kids to leave school at age 16. I understand their point of view, but still I think it is unusual parenting behavior.

Finally, I believe the world need beautiful stories like this. We need such special siblings relationships. We need to show to the world that love is the answer for each situation. Remember Johnson’s and Maggie’s story dear friends when you’re having a bad day or feel in bad mood. Even when you feel reluctant to do a good thing for someone else. Do not forget to share their story with your children too. They need to understand that beautiful things are those that come from heart and are made with love.

I wish Maggie will get well as soon as possible. My prayers are for Maggie and her family to get through this difficult challenge even stronger together.

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