This is what happens when Online Groups replace Physicians

One boy of age 4 died from flu in Colorado, USA as his mother did not follow the prescription of the doctor. Instead, she listened to advice of her online friends to treat the child with tea and other natural products.

In the first place, the mother did not gave the flu shot to her children. She is one of the numerous mothers, like me, that uses internet as a source of information about children raising advice. But, at the same time, she is a mother that agrees with the anti-drugs and anti-vaccination propaganda, we can commonly find online. This is a point she and myself get divided apart.

I use internet to learn new things. Things I do not know. Or to find answers for issues I face for the very first time. But, as an educated reader, I choose whom to trust. I like to check the source of information and its reliability in that particular area of expertise. For instance: I would never consider the advice of an engineer for a health issue. Rather I’d check opinion of several physicians or medical institutions regarding my problems, before deciding whom to trust.

Coming back to the unfortunate case I mentioned at the beginning. Poor mother ignored the prescription of the doctor to give to all her children Tamiflu. Instead, she used natural cures such as: peppermint oil, Vitamin C and lavender. When she saw such cures were not working, she kept using breast-milk, thyme and elderberry as suggested by the members of online groups. “None of the last three products have any active effect on flu treatment”, emphasize physicians.

Online Propaganda

An unlucky mother that is a ‘victim’ of online propaganda against drugs and vaccines. And she is not the only one around. It is very surprising to me why incompetent people are so aggressive to influence other parents. They write endless amount of arguments why drugs and vaccines are not good and the terrible collateral damages they cause. Their voices are so strong, that make the experts’ voices unheard.

Surprisingly, none of them is hold responsible for the damage they cause to other people’s health. On contrary, doctors are held legally responsible for their practices for patients’ treatments. Why? Because they are specialized people to solve health problems. And they are the ones to be heard for health issues.

That being said, I’m not a fanatic of medications. In fact, in reality I do not like drugs and use them in the minimum amount possible. But, I listen to physicians advice. Certainly, I try to collaborate with the best physicians in each specialized field. Because, I believe working with the best is an investment not only for my health, but even of my time and my money. I wish other mothers do the same, and are capable to distinguish propaganda from real experts’ advise.

Be careful dear friends. Taking health advice is not the same as taking make up advice. Make sure to find reliable sources to listen too. If necessary double or triple check the information you read or hear. In the era of internet and endless information, this might probably be the most important thing to do for each aspect of our life.

Be Good!

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