2 Activities that make You Live Longer

Do you want to have a long life? What about a healthier life without the burdens of sickness? Harvard Medical School experts propose 2 activities to reach both goals.

I’ve shared previously ideas and advice, on how to have a healthier life and how to invest in prolonging your life, my dear friends. Those articles were focused mainly in 2 aspects:

  1. Physical Aspect (how to loose weight, how to have an active lifestyle, how to eat healthy food) , and
  2. Social Aspect (how to engage more socially and how to escape loneliness).

Physical and social count for 2 out of 4 dimensions of human life. The other 2 dimensions are: mental and spiritual. The Behavior Theory stand that for a person to reach full capacity need to equally invest in all four dimensions. This way people achieve more, by profiting from the synergy of 4 dimensions. I like very much this theory. I’m a witness of its results in practice.

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Activities that Prolong our Life

Yesterday, I read some articles from Harvard Medical School website speaking about some common activities that help us live longer. To be honest with you, I was surprised by the activities mentioned. Because I’ve never connected them before with longer life.

Reading Books

The first activity proposed was: book reading. Attention! They were talking about readings books and not newspapers or social networks readings.

Researchers at Yale University School of Public Health conducted an analytical study using the data of 5,635 participants in the Health and Retirement Study, age: 50+. They considered analyzing information regarding participants’ reading habits.

At the end of the study, was concluded that participants who read books regularly (on daily basis) has 20% lower risk to die in the next 12 years.

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Attending Religious Services

Second activity proposed by experts was: Attending Religious Services. A team from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analysed data from the 115,000-woman Nurses’ Health Study. The wanted to see what was the connection between women’s religious attendance and health. Follow up period for the study: 16 years.

There are the findings at the end of the study:

  • Participants who attended religious services more than once per week had a 33% lower risk of dying during the 16 years of follow-up.
  • Those who attended services on weekly basis had a 26% lower risk.
  • Women who attended services less than weekly had a 13% lower risk.
  • Participants who went to services regularly had lower rates of smoking and depression. They were more likely to have strong social support.
  • These results stand compare to participants who never attended religious services.

Quite interesting findings indeed. If you are a regular practicing believer, that read Holy Books every day and regularly follow religion services, you have 53% lower chances to die, for next 12 – 16 years. This is the highest percentage of life prolonging I’ve encounter so far.

People, Reading and Religion

I have a question to ask. How come people are getting more and more away from such activities? Do they want to die earlier? Or, they probably think an active lifestyle is enough to have healthier and longer life?

I think they are not aware of these findings. They have no clue some non-sportive activities could have higher benefits for living longer and healthier.

I don’t want to go in deep discussions of why people are separating from religion practicing. But, definitely there is a lot to do to have trustworthy religion institutions. At the same time, much more to do to attract young generation toward religion.

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As per reading books, I think the battle here is difficult too. Because internet and technological development are very strong competitors. And, rushing modern life is another burden to comfortable book reading lifestyle. Still, lots can be done about book reading.

Yes, dear friends. I hope this article will make you think about reading more books. It will be good to rethink your engagement with regular practicing of your religion too. Still, remember the theory of four life dimensions. Investment in spiritual and mental dimensions should be combined with healthy food, physical activities and active social life. Cheers!

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