Abortion is not a Crime now in the New Zealand Territory

In the middle of Coronavirus pandemic crisis, the lawmakers of New Zealand have approved in parliament the new abortion law . After four decades, abortion will not be considered a crime anymore in New Zealand territory.

Many people say this is a historical moment in the history of New Zealand. Because its population is mainly of christian belief. And, this can be seen even in the narrowness of the votes in the parliament, 68 to 51.

What the New Abortion Law says

The new law considers abortion as a health issue. The limit period until the abortion is allowed is 20 weeks. Mother and her doctor can make the decision to abort before the pregnancy reaches 20 weeks. After that is needed the opinion of two doctors. The New Zealand Minister of Justice, Andrew Little said:

“For over forty years abortion has been the only medical procedure considered a crime in New Zealand. But from now abortions will be rightly treated as a health issue.”

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This is not the first time in history such change in abortion laws are made. Other countries have voted to decriminalize it too. And, I mean countries like Ireland with strong catholic roots.

Decriminalization of abortion is considered a big step forward to freedom of women to decide for their bodies. And this is a big opened discussion around the world. Personally, I believe abortion is a life taking action. And, It should be considered only when serious health issues are involved.

I don’t know if the current coronavirus pandemic will change people mentality around the world about life and death. Who knows?! We must start to think more of what freedom means at the very first place. Should we be so free to take precious lives, while in reality there are so many other known and unknown factors threatening us? Should we be so free to do whatever we want and risk the whole community around us? How much are we willing to sacrifice from our personal freedom not to loose it completely like nowadays?

While coronavirus is changing our lives tremendously, new measures and laws are needed to protect human life from such unknown enemies.


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