The Only Benefit Ever from Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

All these days we hear so much about the terror of coronavirus pandemic. And I can say loudly, this is the worst situation I’ve ever lived in my life. Believe me when I say this is not just a cliche phrase. I come after a tragic experience with a tremendous earthquake only four months ago, where I lost my house.

But, this is a different kind of enemy. It is invisible and very touchy. Different from the earthquake, which left my family without a house, coronavirus has locked people inside their houses. Most of the people in affected countries are under the isolation regime and this is quite a challenge. It’s like you’re in a prison and the guardian is invisible.

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Environment Improvements from Isolation

But, there is always something good that comes out of something bad. For the first time in a very long period, I’ve seen a clear panorama of the place I live. Usually, my city is immersed in smog, the panorama is kind of grey and the buildings look vaguely. But, after the first 4 days of isolation, I was able to see a completely different panorama. The sky over the city was clearly blue and buildings had clear lines. I was even able to see the colors of buildings from a large distance.   

The case of my city is probably one of the smallest impact of isolation in environment. Photos from satellite show improvement of air quality in various metropolis and countries around the world. New York is one of them, gaining in smaller levels of gas and CO2 emission. China on the other side, has reduced by 1% emission of CO2 during the 2 weeks of quarantine in affected areas.

Venice, is another example of water quality improvement due to closure of boat movements. While in tranquility, the dirtiness of water falls to the bottom of the sea. This makes water to be clear and clean.

Appeal to Leaders of the World

I hope many country leaders and big industrialists will find the time to observe such change in the air quality. I hope they’ll find the time to appreciate this positive change. Coronavirus and its strong impact on human breathing is a sign from God. It’s sign to show the way countries should follow to improve air pollution. That fresh air, infected people need so much these days. But, not only sick people, everyone needs so much.

Let’s hope this is one of the lessons world will take from the coronavirus pandemic. I hope dear friends, anyone of us with be aware of impact our high-consuming lifestyle has on our own health. I hope we conserve the only positive impact this pandemic crisis brought to our lives.

Be Good & Stay Away from Coronavirus!

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