Daily Updates on Coronavirus Situation – 22.03.2020

The USA  is moving pretty fast with new cases with coronavirus, ranking nr. 1 in the world. Italy remains hardly hit by the coronavirus crisis. Spain has worsened the balance of victims. The total number of countries affected by the virus is 192 (+4). 

Here are the updated figures of the Coronavirus Crisis as per March 22, 2020: 

Number of Daily New Cases: 30,450

Top 5 countries:

  1. USA – 8,257 
  2. Italy – 5,560
  3. Spain – 3,107
  4. Germany – 2,488 
  5. France – 1,559  

Slight increase of number of new cases from previous day. USA is now number one country in the world for new cases diagnosed positive with coronavirus. There were 3,413 more new cases in USA compare to previous day.  Spain, Germany and France has shown a slight decrease of number of new cases compare to previous day.   

Number of Recovered People: 97,636  (+3,336) 

Top 5 countries:

  1. China – 72,440
  2. Iran – 7,635
  3. Italy – 7,024
  4. South Korea – 2,909
  5. France – 2,200

France has entered Top 5 ranking for this indicator overpassing Spain. Italy had 1,000 recovered people is last 24 hours. 

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