The unusual Easter 2020 with Empty Churches

Jesus was resurrected! It’s time to celebrate Easter dear friends. Quite unusual Easter midnight tonight. Churches are empty, and only religious staff is there to host traditional religious ceremony. The rest of the crowd is isolated in their homes, away from churches and families.

I’m sure everyone is praying tonight. I prayed not to experience another Easter like this. And, I prayed for a world without coronavirus. My prayers are for the souls of all victims of this pandemic crisis (RIP). I prayed for their families and the suffering they are going through. Another prayer was for all medical staff and scientists around the world. They are fighting day and night with the terrible virus. And lastly, I prayed for a better world, where people support each-other and invest their time and wealth to find optimal solutions for our planet’s problems.

Jesus Christ is Back!

Jesus is back and we place hope in his renaissance. He is back to help us with our sins and to give other chances for more quality lives. This year the meaning of Easter is very significant. Why? Because Easter 2020 is undressed from their commercial aspect. This Easter is dedicated to real things. It is an Easter celebrated more with heart and faith. The rituals this year are more private and spiritual. Because we need to be filled with hope and positive energy. We need to believe this nightmare will come to an end soon. And, only the holy trinity can do it!

The message of hope from Brazil: The Christ Statue covered with images of flags of countries affected by Coronavirus.

My thoughts tonight are with the kids who miss their grandparents. They cannot meet physically in Easter 2020. Still, they celebrate with them via online. The innocent joy and pure love of grandchildren is like sunshine for all worries of grandparents. Both parts are fighting for safety and good health.

Quite strange Easter indeed! This is the first time in my life I will not ‘play’ my little game with colored eggs. It is a tradition I follow since I was a little kid. We went around the neighborhood and clashed the Easter eggs with each-other. The winner, the one with the stronger egg collected all bitten eggs -:) But, this year there are no people out to celebrate this tradition. What I’ll do tomorrow is to do the ritual with both my hands.

Happy Easter my dear friends!

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