How to fall in Love with Tai Chi Practicing

Tai Chi has come to my attention recently. I mean the Tai Chi practicing for health benefits. Otherwise, I am grown up with movies with martial arts, which I liked a lot. My preferred one was “Karaite Kid” (the first edition). And, till recently I have always thought that Tai Chi was a fantastic fighting way.

Few months before I encountered an interesting study. It was about Tai Chi practicing for older people and benefits for their health. At the time I tried to navigate in the net to understand what they were talking about. But, unfortunately, what I found were not very compelling to me. I found videos of Tai Chi masters, which seemed so difficult for a beginner point of view. Or, photos of older people exercising outside in parks.

So, I shared the information with my readers, as the health benefits were fantastic. And, not only for older people. Because, everyone could benefit from having a stronger heart, a better equilibrium, and many other benefits.

How I fell in love with Tai Chi

Since then, my curiosity would not let me rest in peace. I was not happy with the fact to not at least trying to do Tai Chi. So, I used the quarantine period to explore more the idea of such exercising. And, this time I was not stopped from the very popular videos of famous masters. I kept digging more and Yes, I found the right video. It was exactly the material I needed to see. The video that made me fall i love with Tai Chi.

I’m sure you’re very curious now about this special video. And, I’ll be nice to all you my dear friends. I’ll show you the video first. Then, I’ll show you the reaction it caused deep inside me.

I felt so good while watching this video. I could almost feel their energy flow. It was a soft and elegant dance performed by common people in the street. It was like magic.

I could distinguish all the 24 movements of Tai Chi, I had seen before. But, they were smoothly integrated into the melody in the background and at the dancing bodies of older Chinese ladies. Their performance made Tai Chi so charming and tempting. After watching this video three or four times, I took a decision. I will learn Tai Chi together with my mother.

Convincing Grandma Xheni …

But, I had a big battle in front of me. My mother does not like physical activities at all. I mean she does not like any sports. Instead, she likes to walk long distances. But, while being in isolation for two months now, she misses her long walks in nature.

After getting a strong rejection the first day, I decided to follow a winning strategy. I kept repeating to her and all other family members and friends (on the phone) the benefits of Tai Chi. And, as marketing people say: “Repetition builds the needed memory”. My mum started to show some interest about this new idea.

Then, I showed her the same video. I asked her to dedicate 7 minutes of her time to see the complete video. Her reaction was very cold. She just said “We cannot do such performance”. Her words were a big win for me. Finally, she expressed her will to start Tai Chi with me.

Next step was to assure her that we will do the same performance pretty soon. But, we needed to start slowly until get familiar with the movements and gain necessarily dexterity.

Finding the Right Tutorial Videos

So, I started to search for any tutorial video that will make it easier for us the learning of such practicing. There were two criteria I used: the popularity of video and the simplicity of lessons. After a short searching I found what I was looking for. It was a tutorial video from the trainer Leia Cohen. “Simple Easy beginners Tai Chi.” These are the words she chose to describe her video, shot in the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

I’ll share the video for your pleasure my dear friends. I hope it will help you start tai Chi practicing as well.

This is the video Grandma Xheni and myself are following to learn Tai Chi. We are at the second day and it is not easy to do the movements correctly. But, as trainer Cohen says “muscles gain movements’ memories while you continue to practice Tai Chi movements”.

And, I can confirm such saying. We did the movements much better today, than what we did yesterday. I’m sure we shall continue to improve day after day.

My Tai Chi Objectives

I’m planning to reach to the point to perform the program of the first video three times per day. That means to dedicate around 20 minutes/day to my Tai Chi practicing. And, time is almost the only cost you have while practicing such sport. The rest (clothes, hair bands, etc.) are negligible costs.

This was my story for today, my dear friends. I am very happy I’m doing it. And, I am twice as happy my mother decided to join me in this new adventure. We shall share with you other impressions, emotions and our experiences with Tai Chi. I hope many other of you will do the same. So, who knows! After a while we all do an international digital performance, which are becoming very famous during coronavirus pandemic crisis. And, I’m sure we shall do better than the fantastic Chinese ladies and their professor -:)

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