Mothers, Isolation and the Things that worry Them Most

Most coronavirus’ affected countries have been living for weeks under the quarantine regime. I must say it was not easy for me at all. The same for other members of my family. But, yesterday I found out many mothers around the world felt the same.

I am part of an international Facebook group with mothers in business. And, one of the questions that received the biggest number of reactions in the group these days was:

“As a mum lock-down, what is it you’re struggling most with right now?”

Most of business ladies in the group took the time to express their concerns. And, believe me there were so many answers I had to read one-by-one. I was very curious to know if they shared the same concerns with me. And, I found out some patterns of concerns mothers have from the isolation period in particularly. Would you like to know which are those? I am sure you do.

What bothers Mothers during the Isolation Period

Before getting to the specific issues, I’d like to emphasize again than all ladies are business owners. I separated them into 3 big groups: (i) mothers of toddlers, single mothers and mothers of teenagers. It is understandable that their concerns were very much influenced by their status.

I grouped the issues raised based on their patterns. This way, it is easier to understand what remains the biggest source of concerns for any mother. I invite you my dear ladies, to check them out and let me know If you share the same concerns. It will be good for gentlemen to do the same to better understand their partners in these difficult days.

Children Issues

  • Kids arguing all the time with each-other.
  • Children suffering from not seeing friends (and boyfriend/girlfriend in particular).
  • Online teaching.
  • Continuous interruptions and bothering from children and more.
  • Difficulty to manage teens to keep up a regular sleeping time (not to stay all night awake ans sleep till 2 p.m.)
  • How to entertain toddlers, feeling guilty for not playing enough with them.
  • Motivating children not to vegetate, but to actually do something with their time.

Personally, I find myself in with the concern of toddler’s entertainment. My daughter is only 27 months old. I find it difficult to keep her happy all day in the house. As much as I try to be creative and to invent new games, still it is difficult to entertain her appropriately.

Adult Issues

  • Zero adult company.
  • Invasion of personal working space from partner.
  • Handling a bored partner all day long.
  • Missing family that lives away (parents, close friends).
  • Missing spending time with partner.

A bored partner is worse than a bored child. At least this is my case. My husband is very outgoing and he finds it as very stretching to stay for so long at home. And, I have to handle all his worries and discontent.

Personal Issues

  • Lack of time out for myself.
  • Find time to work in my business.
  • Very busy agenda (too much to do).
  • Lack of personal space and privacy.
  • How to find the motivation to do things.
  • Lack of focus.
  • House mess (and the obsession to clean everything).
  • Lack of shopping.
  • Fake news.
  • Lack of personal freedom and rights (continuous interruptions)
  • Feeling tired.
  • Lost time dealing with video online.
  • Family complains about homemade food.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Missing my regular visits to my hairdresser.

Uh … where should I start with this pattern of concerns. I have the same difficulty to find enough time, and what is more important, appropriate time to dedicate to my blog. Sometimes I feel like empty and do not want to do anything at all. I hate being interrupted all day. This tremendous change in my agenda is not helping me at all. I miss my routine, that small personal space I could use for myself and my things. I don’t know why I feel so tired these days. Probably is due to the stress caused by coronavirus news and lack of normal daily activity. And, I’m definitely missing time spent to my hairdresser. My hair are in desperate need to go there. Hopefully next week will have the chance to remove this item from my concern’s list.

Express Your Opinion

What about you my dear ladies? Do you find yourself in any of the concerns raised by other mothers? Like myself, I’m sure you agree with many of the issues raised. But, this is not the time to start feeling bad. It is time to gather our energy and move things up.

Quarantine days are approaching to the end. It is time to think and plan the life of our families from now and on. It is not going to be an easy period for any of us. We shall come back to a new normality: coexistence with the virus. Have you made any plan dear ladies? Please share it with us. I definitely would appreciate some creative ideas, especially about children issues.

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